LaneFX is not like blind spot mirrors. It's only a mobile electronics system that moves your power mirrors in lane changes and merges.

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By the time you complete a head turn to check your blind spot, your vehicle travels more than half of a football field, unattended! Lane FX is making the highways a whole lot safer. Here's how it works. When you turn on your directional, LaneFX moves your side mirror outward to sweep and expose your blind spot. It pauses long enough for you to see what's there. Then, it reliably returns your mirror to its original position. The package also features ParkFX; it tilts the mirrors downward when the vehicle is put in reverse. LaneFX's patent-pending technology is guaranteed to work in any vehicle with power mirrors. It's safe, reliable and responsive, even at highway speeds. Installation is as easy as an after-market stereo.

For the driver that has everything... except possibly a spotless record, this device will help keep your eye on the road. This trick only works if your car has motorized mirrors. They seem common enough, however. After all, even my mother's car has those. The basic idea is that when you turn on your blinker, this activates the mirrors to move so that you get an expanded view of the road. I like this because A) it will force people to USE their blinker's and B) it will force people to use their mirrors and C) it will force people to LOOK before they change lanes. Do you get the distinct impression that I think most people are horrible drivers? I had to drive in Los Angeles for a few years and, trust me, 80% of those drivers are insane. But this article isn't about mental illness. I'll save that for another time.

The LaneFX system lets you customize each mirror separately. Each mirror moves as fast or slow as you prefer and as far as you want it to. There's a system in place to handle street and highway driving - so the mirror stays at it's "extended" position as you try to merge into a highway. There's a ParkFX system to use when parking. Here the mirrors will tilt downwards to check your distance from curbs. You can upgrade the system from the Internet. For family's or businesses with more than one car there's a Multi-Vehicle Kit available. You install the wires to the mirrors in each vehicle, and just remove the device from one car and plug into the car you are about to drive. Once you program the device, all you do is get in the car and drive. Of course, suddenly having one's mirrors move would make me a bit disconcerted at first. I would take the time to train myself with the device before I launched out into heavy traffic. But then, I'm a cautious person. And that's why I've never had an accident. I am, however, a big believer in anything that helps people drive better. For a look at how this device works, take a gander at LaneFX. LaneFX is not some speeding auto gadget that you'll never see again. Try it! Even with dual blind spot mirrors, you'll still have a distorted rear view LaneFX is being used by drivers everywhere: Gear heads and mobile electronics enthusiasts. Women drivers in large minivans and SUVs. Elderly / senior drivers (check out the current LaneFX discount for all AARP members, and all drivers who commute over 18,000 miles per year.

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